Isco is superior to the other players- Ventura


Italy’s coach Giampeiro Ventura was left in awe of Isco’s quality in the group G qualifying match between Italy And Spain.

 The Madrid midfielder made sure his home fans went home with something to think about as he helped Spain ease past Italy. He scored two goals in the first half before Alvaro Morata came on from the bench to add the final goal.

 He scored a sublime freekick and added it with a quality goal, gliding past Marco Verrati who had a hard time marking him for the second goal, the Italian national team coach had this to say after the match;

 “I could not help but applaud him when I saw him, he was a rival, but I am a lover of the beautiful things of this sport,” said Ventura.”It was nice to see Isco live. He is a great player who did incredible things, you just have to think about the technical manoeuvre of the nutmeg he did in midfield, he left two opponents red-faced, then in the second half between three opponents and you do a nutmeg, that means he has incredible class, obviously superior to the rest of the players.

“But not just Isco, there were other players with a lot of class too. You have to be humble to recognise it and we haveto work in order to be competitive.”