Premier League is harder to defend compared to Serie A- Conte

The Italian coach concedes it’s a lot easier winning the Serie A a second consecutive time.

 According to, the former Italy national coach says winning the premier league consecutively is harder compared to when he was Junvetus’s coach.

 He said; “I see the commitment every day, but forsure to defend the title is very difficult,” he said following a 1- defeat to title rivals Manchester City at Stamford Bridge.

 “It is very difficult for every team in this league. To defend – it is very difficult to win two titles in a row.

 “We won the title with Juventus and I was expecting a really strong challenge from AC Milan, but instead they sold Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva to Paris St Germain, so they became weaker.

 “It wasn’t simple second time, but it waseasier. Here, from last season to this season, you have big teams and now they are bigger.

 “I think last season we did a really great job, because we won the League against a really strong team, because Man City last season also was a fantastic team.

 “And now after I think a great transfermarket, they have improved a lot. It’s not simple to play this League.

 “We have to try to do our best in every game with great ambition, because we must always have the right ambition. But at the same time sometimes you have to compliment your opponent. You must be honest and accept the result.”

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