Lagos state government to honour Fela Anikulapo Kuti

 According to, Lagos state government is set to honour the late legend with a 25th statue.

 The yearly felabration festival which always takes a week for conclusion will end on October 15th for the 2017 edition.  

 Ayorinde wrote:Fela did not only capture the global audience as a charismatic and energetic musician using Lagos as his base; he was revered for fighting against corruption and oppression even at the risk of imprisonment or death. His creativity, courage, passion andextraordinary ability to rise against the oddsare trademarks of a true Lagosian.”“Fela is a global icon and one of the biggest success stories from Lagos. Monuments are erected across the State to remember the contributions of people like him to preserve their legacies and our history as a people’.“Standing at 25 feet and titled ‘Liberation’, the statue is done in fibreglass by artist Abolore Sobayo of Cowrie Studios as ‘an iconic legacy to celebrate Fela’s unique dress sense and style of salute.

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