TECHNO launches Phantom 8

 TECHO has just launched a new brand of phone “Phantom 8”, the unveiling held in Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai in the presence of 200 guests.

 The Phantom model of techno which formally stopped at 6 have decided to skip Phantom 7 to meet up with both Samsung and Apple “iPhone”. 

 The phone is a 6GB RAM and boasts a 64GB of internal memory, it is said to be targeted at the upper middle class.

Talking at the event was Tecno General Manager Stephene Ha, he said:, “We offer the best experience in photography. We are the representatives of camera phone.

 Also talking was Arif Chowdhury, Vice President Transsion Holdings, “We are dedicated to provide the best experience of its devices for consumers. Our strategy is think globally but act locally. We believe there are strong brands in the world but we bring more value to the consumers and that’s what is important,” he said. 

 He further said, “Definitely we have to bring affordability. Quality and stability has to be put into consideration for the affordable devices of the consumers. Quality has nothing to do with the pricing.”

 More to follow. 

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