I regret leaving Juventus 

 The 25 years old admits that he shouldn’t have left Juventus for Real Madrid. 

 Alvaro Morata has admitted his regrets over returning to Real Madrid, the Chelsea striker who has quickly settled down at Chelsea, notching 6 goals and 3 assists in all competitions said he shouldn’t have returned to Real Madrid after becoming a core part of the Juventus team winning the domestic double in twice before returning to Real Madrid on 2016 when they activated his buy back clause.

 The Spanish forward said he felt like a boy he was when he left for Juventus before he returned to Real Madrid as a player but still felt be littled. he told La Gazzetta dello  Sport: “There were contractual agreements to respect. The disappointment was huge: I went right back to the start.

 “They treated me like the kid I was before the two seasons in Italy.

 “I arrived [in Italy] feeling like a boy and I returned feeling like a true player. I should never have left Italy and Juve.

 “I really miss Italy. My wife would like to live inSpain; I’d like to live in Italy.”

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