My sister didn’t commit suicide 

 Brother of OAU undergraduate who was reported to have committed suicide about 5 days ago has claimed his sister can’t commit suicide.

 Timothy Afolaranmi the brother of Mercy Afolaranmi who was said to have committed suicide has refuted such claims. 
 The brother claimed her sister was a pure devout and wouldn’t ever think of doing so and at such claimed she was murdered. 

 The part one student of microbiology at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, was reported dead 5 days ago after failing one of her compulsory course CHM 101, where she has E, She was said to have been rushed to a hospital in the area where she was confirmed dead.

 Timothy Afolaranmi said; “This girl (Mercy) made liquid soap for sales; she did that on Tuesday. She knew how acidic the constituents of soap is, she could have killed herself with that. Why stressing herself to the extentof getting batteries and rat killers?She was due to have a seminar presentation in Ekiti on Thursday or so…she had her presentation all jotted out; why will she disturb herself and write out her presentation when she knew she wanted to die?

 “If a suicide is committed, it’s a painful death and it’s self inflicted.Why will her room be scattered andher vomit scattered around the room? She could have just vomitedat a place, endure the pain and give up the ghost.  She had a roommate. They had issues this semester. Recently, they weren’t cooking together, which showed they had differences between them. She (the roommate) was the one who held her phone all through Wednesday. Why? She wouldn’t allow anyone to speak to her all through Wednesday, saying she’s busy resting, why?

 “She’s a devoted Christian… She went to her pastor on Sunday and raised three questions. One on evangelism, the second, I don’t remember, and the last was how to manage a relationship between two female friends. Why? It was because of the issues between her and her roommate.

 “I’m her brother. I know her more than anyone else. I seldom visit her in school. She had not always been the best in her class, so she knew life is a competition. She understood well that life is not about school results, because she had good examples from her brother and sister. She knew the money we gave her was not from school results, but from societal intelligence.”

 A check through her Facebook also suggest she’s a devout Christian with the last post she made being “If the trumpet sounds today, where will you be? If you die without Christ, you will regret it. Jesus is coming soon, repent now. Revelation 22:12….”

 Mercy, while sharing the post, wrote, “Above all other things, I just wanna see God, see what he looks like, speak with him face to face. I don’t wanna miss heaven. LORD HELP ME.”

 Timothy said her family have accepted it as their fate but he is sure his sister did not commit suicide. 

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