Man caught raping a puppy 

 A father of six was caught in South Africa raping a puppy.

 A married father with six children Fanroi Mochachi has been given a 5 year suspended jail term for raping his neighbor’s puppy.

 Fanroi Mochachi who was caught by the 10 years old owner and her uncle raping the 6months old dog claimed he was tempted into raping the dog when he caught two dogs mating on his way to a shared toilet.

 A magistrate, Syta Prinsloo, branded the dad’s disgusting session as “serious, unnatural and barbaric”.

 “Worse still is that you are married and a role model to your six children. 

 “Upsetting is that you will be expected to engage sexually with your wife, how will you explain this to her?”

 Harsher sentence “regarding the sexual violation of animals who, like children, are completely helpless to stop such violent attacks on them.” have been mooted. 

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