Kemi Olunloyo reveals new secrets about Davido’s mum

The controversial blogger has released a couple of what she termed as a biography about Davido’s mum.

In a series of Instagram post she talked about some unknown facts about her relationship with Davido’s mum, Hailey Adeleke and how she committed suicide.

See posts below;

Chapter one


Good morning Twitter. Pls go to my Instagram page @KemiOlunloyo. I will be releasing a timeline of my relationship with Dr Veronica Imade Adeleke 1990-1994. I will also release AUDIO of phone calls of what she called suffering under her husband Deji Adeleke. I also want these three girls his daughters to know the truth about their real grandmother. #TruthNeverDies #HNNDavido

WHAT I’M ABOUT TO DO IS A BIOGRAPHY OF MY MIND. THE MOST QUESTIONS ON #AskDavido last week was “What has Davido done to this woman?” You will now understand better and FEEL MY HURT. A clueless child who’s music I supported, who I babysat once, had no idea of who I really am and disgraced me in front of 10.6 million people October 2018 only to be accosted by a grandmother claiming he abandoned her grandchild and his first Daughter @mitchellanuadeleke.

Out of RESPECT for my friend Vero, I will NOT PROFIT from my story and I ask EVERYONE NOT to sell any part of my story. I could easily make this an ebook and sell it next week but I chose not to for reasons best known ONLY TO ME. #KemiOlunloyo


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Chapter 3


Vero was partly an Edo lady who married one of Babangida’s boys Adedeji Adeleke from Ede, Osun state. IBB boys got Nigeria’s money in gifts, favours and services just like Tsolaye Jeremi was to Otedola, Dangote, Terry Wayas and Musa Danjuma. The big boys always had houseboys. Trust me even Mariam Babangida’s tailor is Africa’s richest female Billionaire today. Folorunso Alakija is on Forbes richest again for 2018. She said she got her oil block in good faith. IBB is the most generous Nigerian leader. To Deji it was a sad quest for power, money and business. I met Vero in Atlanta when Iived on the same street as neighbors in America PREGNANT with her youngest child David. I just gave birth and Lade turned 1yo 3 days before David was born. My son Lade is now 27yo (11/22/91) David (11/21/92). Anu (11/19/13) Pregnant mothers and those with young kids were friends a lot in the community. After David was born they moved back to Nigeria soon. Deji had to be close to IBB. OIL was flowing o. We traveled to Nigeria for anything, ordinary birthdays as compared to now when a parent has to die first or a wedding. The money and oil blocks flowed. Petrol was N10/liter (ten) and Deji began building an empire. When Davido was born, I remember once babysitting him while Vero went out. Him and Oyinlade played together as toddlers that was back in America. Then sadness came to Vero, anxiety attacks, depression, Kilode? There was a problem.

UPDATE: Pls I don’t need an apology anymore. I clarified the Birthdays above adding his abandoned Daughter Anu cos it was that very day Vero went into labour 11/19/92. I contacted the community daycare sitter Roblyn who still does daycare to this date to find me pictures.

#Mitchellanuadeleke #kemiOlunloyo #davido #adelele #demolaadeleke #DejiAdeleke #imadeadeleke #Haileyadeleke #WaleAdeleke #chairmanhkn #LindaIkeji #hnnafrica #hnnamebo #HNNCelebrity #hnnpersonality #HNNMusic

Chapter 4

I am too emotional to write. I’m not a writer, I’m more of a speaker and would love to give you this as a FREE video documentary on YouTube. Certain things cannot be shown on camera and must be posted here. Watch my emotions😢😢

There was no @mitchellanuadeleke till November 9th 2018. I’m leaving these archives for Anu, Imade and Hailey. One day they will read them and understand why they didn’t grow up together. I have spiritual communication with Vero. Yes I can speak to the dead. There are people who do that in America. People keep INBOXING me about that. I’m not ready for you yet. There’s a lot you can learn from me. Many of you don’t even know Tyler. I have his powers.⚰️⚰️⚰️🎙️He speaks to the dead and can reach your loved ones. Same with me. I can also do prophecies.

Many of you don’t understand what I mean by don’t respect the Dead. The DEAD DON’T NEED YOUR RESPECT. Idi Amin, Hitler, Ojukwu, Murtala Muhammad, Abacha, Ghadaffi etc etc are all dead. Why will you respect them? They are talked about in history long after they’ve gone. Vero will be talked about.
@tylerhenrymedium is dynamic. I feel God chose us both on either side of the Atlantic. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to where I will speak on camera to you on chapter 5-10. Vero committed #SUICIDE and I know why. I was the ONLY ONE SHE TOLD. I did not take it seriously but after that church service on Deji’s 40th birthday party and she locked herself in the room when they found her dead, I knew she had “done it”. NEVER EVER LISTEN when you hear someone say “I feel like killing myself”. I could have done something. This is why when I was diagnosed of #PTSD in prison, I went on @tvcconnect on World Mental Health Day to appeal to those suffering depression to get help. Nobody has said it, Nobody has reported it because this is Nigeria. A country where it’s shameful just to even say you have cancer let alone depression and suicide. I will tell you what led Vero to suicide on

#Mitchellanuadeleke #kemiOlunloyo #davido #adeleke #demolaadeleke #DejiAdeleke #imadeadeleke #Haileyadeleke #WaleAdeleke #chairmanhkn #LindaIkeji #hnnafrica

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