Jamaican Stefflon Don Confirms Relationship With Burna Boy (Video)

Elegbede Issa

Issa is an amateur writer, content creator and a social media enthusiast who lives for the comments of his readers on all of his posts. with thousands of articles under his belt, the journalist and promoter wannabe is either behind his personal computer creating something new, his mobile phone scrolling throught tabloids or listening to music. Issa was born and raised in the western part of Nigeria, where he has schooled all his life, his wish and goals are to reach more people through his writings.

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[…] to a video shared by Burna Boy and corroborated by sweetheart Stefflon Don, Denica said ‘I can smell drugs and STD’ […]


[…] duo had somewhat confirmed their relationship few days back even though Cameroonian Denica seems not happy with the […]

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